Not the ITSM Library Version 3

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ISBN: 9789077212004
Uitgever: Van Haren Publishing
Auteur: B. Johnson & Paul Wilkinson
Pagina's: 84

An upgrade to the 2003 edition of ITSM formfrom Hell: A Guide to Worst Practices (also known as Not-****: A Guide to Historical Data, Lies, ShortShot Cuts, Inexpensive Options, Fellow Travelers' Experiences, and Classic Mistakes in Service Management); Likelike assuming those 'in charg'charge' have any kind of clue about what to do.As this in is an upgrade, you'll not find anything new or more helpful.IT Service MangementManagement from Hell V3 comprises infinitely digestible advice for those seeking IT service management enlightenment.enligtement. It is the most remarkable of all books never to be produced by that great publishing corporation, TSO (The StationaryStationarv Office). The reason it is a single volume is that those familiar with the original philosophical books known as '****' Largely became bed-ridden as a result of carrying around several inconvenient filing cabinets, most of which they never read and even more of which was useless.And remember:SuccesfulSuccessful ITSM means never having to say, "Holy crap! How did that happen?"Copyright and trademark policemen please note: every reference to 'Itil' in this book refers to the town of Itil. So there. Any reference to the methodology of the same name is referred thus: the method that dare not speak its name........Van Haren PUBLISHING