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Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry

Paperback || Miller, James & Miller, Jane C || Pearson

Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry 7th edition provides a clear, accessible introduction to main statistical methods used in modern analytical laboratories. It continues to be the ideal companion for students in Chemistry and related fields keen to build their understanding of how to conduct high quality analyses in areas such as the safety of food, water and medicines, environmental monitoring, and chemical manufacturing. With a focus on the underlying statistical ideas, th...

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Ethics and Business / Druk 1

a global introduction

Paperback || Bart Wernaart || Noordhoff || met inkijkexemplaar

- Written from an international perspective;

- discusses ethics on multiple levels and includes many examples;

- offers students methods to critically assess ethical dilemmas.

Ethics and Business is an introduction to ethics in the context of international business. The book stimulates an open debate on norms and values. Ethics should cross not only the borders of a country, but also the borders of one’s mind. It emphasizes that ethics is not only about harmony, but also about dealing with ...

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Hospitality Experience / Druk 2

Hardcover || Frans Melissen, Jean-Pièrre van der Rest, Stan Josephi & Rob Blomme || Noordhoff

- Provides a complete overview of the hospitality industry;

- includes a new chapter on intercultural hospitality experiences;

- offers interesting analysis as well as practical examples

Hospitality Experience is an exciting introduction to Hospitality Management. It shows students how to create and manage unique hospitality experiences step-by-step. The second edition includes a new chapter on intercultural hospitality experiences and provides clear answers to the following questions: What i...

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Pocket Guide for Hospitality Managers / Druk 1

Hardcover || Conrad Lashley & Michael Chibili || Noordhoff

- Practical approach, based on extensive research;

- teaches (future) managers to be 'reflective practitioners';

- combines key themes of hospitality management.

The Pocket Guide for Hospitality Managers (Conrad Lashley and Michael N. Chibili) is a practical guide that provides the skills and knowledge for current and future managers of the various types of units found within the hospitality industry. This guide is based on academic research and poses that managers need to be 'reflective prac...

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Digital marketing fundamentals

Hardcover || Marjolein Visser, Berend Sikkenga & Mike Berry || Noordhoff

- First fully-fledged textbook on digital marketing that covers the entire marketing process;

- with contributions from over 30 online marketing specialists;

- scientific theory behind digital marketing as well as techniques and media are discussed.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals is the first fully-fledged textbook on digital marketing that covers the entire marketing process. Both the scientific theory behind digital marketing as well as techniques and media are discussed. Digital Marketing ...

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The Basics of financial management-answers and solutions / Druk 2

Paperback || W. Koetzier, M.P Brouwers & O.A. Leppink || Noordhoff

This is the additional answers book of Basics of Financial Management.

Basics of Financial Management is the international edition of Basisboek Bedrijfseconomie. A perfect introductory textbook for first year students. Part 1 introduces students to the main economic concepts. The following parts offer a deeper insight in the fields of finance, finance management and accounting. Basics of Financial Management comes with a separate exercise and solution book. No prior knowledge of business eco...

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Academic Writing Skills / Druk 2

Digital skills training in academic writing for psychology, pedagogy & education, and social science

Paperback || Henk Schmidt & Henk van der Molen || Boom

Academic Writing Skills breaks down the writing process into various skills which helps students with practicing and improving their writing skills.

Book and website

On the website that accompanies the book, multiple skills are discussed using rules of thumb, several short exercises and examples of the right answer.

By combining a clear explanation of the various skills and exercises with feedback, the training course is very effective.

The following topics are covered: the structure of a tex...

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Psychological Report Writing / Druk 4

Paperback || Peter Starreveld || Boom

Writing academic texts is an important skill for students of psychology and educational theory, whether in the course of their studies or thereafter, when they are active practitioners.

Writing Psychology Research Reports teaches students how to comply with currently prevailing standards when writing reports of literature studies or experimental research.

About the book

Step by step it takes the reader through every aspect of writing up a literature study or composing a research report. It de...

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Requirements (Engelstalige editie) / Druk 1

Paperback || Ton de Rooij || Educom

You have requirements for everything you use. When you don’t specify the correct requirements, you will not get what you expect: software that does not fully apply the fiscal rules for calculating VAT or a watch that is difficult to read.

This book is primarily intended to help with specifying requirements for information systems, but by using examples of other systems as well, the theory is easier to understand, and makes it possible to use the book for these other systems.

The reader lear...

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Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Paperback || Hannah Edelbroek, Myrte Mijnders & Ger Post || Amsterdam University Press

As the complex societal and technological challenges of the 21st century cannot be addressed by solutions from just one field of expertise, academics are increasingly expected to cross the disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinary Learning Activities contains concrete suggestions in the form of examples of learning activities that university teachers can use to teach and foster interdisciplinary skills in graduate and undergraduate students. These skills for interdisciplinary understanding i...