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Succeeding with your Literature Review: A Handbook for Students

A Handbook for Students

Paperback || Paul Oliver || Open University Press

"An excellent and accessible text that will help all students and scholars to develop a strong review and enable them to outline and analyse the key ideas for their study. The structure of the book is really well thought out and the chapters are written in a way which readers will find helpful and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this book to research students."Professor Mark Brundrett, Liverpool John Moores University, UKThis step-by-step handbook provides comprehensive and pract...

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Psychology in Education

Paperback || Woolfolk, Anita e.a. || Pearson

This new edition of the European adaptation of Anita Woolfolk's market-leading US text, Educational Psychology, is essential reading for anyone studying or interested in education and learning from a psychology perspective. The second edition includes new work in the areas of Assessment for Learning and Attachment Theory, as well as reflecting recent changes in Special Educational Needs provision. The text shows how information and ideas drawn from cutting-edge research in educational psychol...

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Reading Architecture / Druk 3

Paperback || Hopkins, Owen || Laurence King Publishing

This innovative and unique book is a visual guide to the buildings that surround us, naming all the visible architectural features so that, unlike other architectural dictionaries, the reader doesn't have to know the name before looking it up.

Clear line drawings and extensive colour photographs illustrate each of the main building types, from forts to churches, stately homes to skyscrapers. The individual structural elements and materials common to all buildings are then explained, whether ...

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Export, a practical guide / Druk 2

a practical guide

Paperback || Marlies Harlaar, Michiel Oudehand & O. de Leeuw || Noordhoff

Export, a practical guide is intended for students in vocational education as well as for starting exporters—not just those in large companies. Small businesses have export opportunities as well. Companies that are already exporting goods or services can equally benefit from this textbook.

Many entrepreneurs at some point ask themselves the question: ‘Should I go into the export business?’ Or perhaps the question is, ‘I have been exporting for some time now, but have I been doing it a...

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Cross cultural communication

Paperback || Anka Jacobs || Noordhoff

Cross cultural communication is a hands-on book which is fun to read, practical, and challenging.

Our desire to connect with other human beings is universal, yet breaking through cross-cultural communication barriers can be challenging. By reading this book students will learn to recognize that the cause of international miscommunication often finds its roots, not in disrespect, but in different cultural conditioning.

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Business administration

Hardcover || Peter Thuis & Rienk Stuive || Noordhoff

Business Administration offers an integrated, practical approach to all key aspects of business administration and to how business processes are managed. Business Administration distinguishes itself from similar textbooks by incorporating examples from modern business practices and by its accessible writing style. It also highlights the function and relevance of business management in day-to-day business operations.

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Report writing for readers with little time / druk 1

Paperback || Rien Elling e.a. || Noordhoff

In Higher Education, the Dutch edition of Report writing for readers with little time is the textbook most widely used for the writing of reports of a technical nature while professional writers use it as a popular reference work.

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Managing your competencies / Druk 3

personal development plan

Paperback || Roel Grit, R. Guit & N. van der Sijde || Noordhoff

Managing your competencies has been revised on the basis of the authors' experiences and reactions of users of earlier editions.

What is a competency? A competency is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude that you need to function well in specific professional situations. For example, a nurse must be able to inoculate a crying child. A nurse who cannot perform this task is regarded as incompetent - unfit to be a nurse. Likewise, a police officer must be able to pacify drunken pub vi...

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Text editing

a handbook for students and practitioners

Paperback || Kris Van de Poel, Wam Carstens & John Linnegar || Academic & Scientific publishers

What is a text editor? What does the process of editing texts involve? What level of intervention is required to make texts communicate effectively?

Text editing sets out to answer these questions directly and in the amount of detail appropriate to a work that describes the text editor's complex craft. At once thoroughly researched and firmly grounded in modern editing practice, this comprehensive, user-friendly handbook covers many aspects of the text editor's intervention in the name of eff...

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Effective Scientific Writing - An Advanced Learner's Guide for Better English

an advanced learner s guide to better English

Paperback || Aleth Bolt & Walter Bruins

5th Revised Edition

Writing a scientific article in English is often a major challenge for non-native speakers of the language. They not only need to produce a well-structured and coherent text, but they are also expected to use correct and idiomatic English throughout. While many books and guides deal with academic writing in general, few focus specifically on writing a scientific article, and most are not written with non-native speakers of English in mind. This guide now offers help. It pro...