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Export, a practical guide / Druk 2

a practical guide

Paperback || Marlies Harlaar, Michiel Oudehand & O. de Leeuw || Noordhoff

Export, a practical guide is intended for students in vocational education as well as for starting exporters—not just those in large companies. Small businesses have export opportunities as well. Companies that are already exporting goods or services can equally benefit from this textbook.

Many entrepreneurs at some point ask themselves the question: ‘Should I go into the export business?’ Or perhaps the question is, ‘I have been exporting for some time now, but have I been doing it a...

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Management in Society Ethics & Business

Paperback || R.J.M. Jeurissen || Gorcum b.v., Koninklijke Van

"Today, being designated a ‘good company’ entails not only striving for continuity and profitability, but also having an eye on integrity and social responsibility.

Companies are increasingly called to account on their role in society and their environmental impacts.

Public debates and stakeholder dialogues on these issues abound. Societies are becoming more complex, and companies are constantly confronted with new dilemmas, resulting from new scientific and technological developments and g...

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Supply Chain Innovation

Paperback || Mauk Wilbers || Academic service || met inkijkexemplaar

Supply Chain Innovation is aimed at students in undergraduate and graduate

courses in supply chain management. Collaborative planning, e-fulfillment,

outsourcing, social media and cloud computing, technological developments

and automation all have an impact on supply chain and operations management.

Renewable energy and modal shifts in distribution will change the urban

landscape. This poses challenges for supply chain partners and stakeholders,

including educational institutes. This book contribut...

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Economics of organizations and markets / druk 1

Paperback || Sander Onderstal || Pearson Benelux B.V. || met inkijkexemplaar

How do employees respond to incentives? Which applicant is most attractive when several apply to fill a job vacancy? Why and how do governments intervene in markets?

Finding the right answers to these and other questions is of great importance for managers and policy makers who want to fully understand the economics of organizations and markets. Organizations and markets are vital institutions in all modern societies. This book examines how organizations and markets work and how managers and...

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Skill Sheets / 3rd edition

An Integrated Approach to Research, Study and Management

Paperback || Rob van Tulder || Pearson Benelux B.V. || met inkijkexemplaar

In today's society, there is a growing need for so-called 21st century skills, which can range from sophisticated analytical skills and practical social skills to dealing with great complexity and uncertainty. Whether you are a student, a manager or a researcher, vital skills are interconnected and require real-time application. Skill development is an integrated and lifelong accumulative process that requires a solid understanding of the type of motivation and attitude needed to make the exp...

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Export planning met MyLab NL / Druk 2

A 10-step approach

Paperback || Joris Leeman || Pearson Benelux B.V. || met inkijkexemplaar

When a company initiates export development and internationalisation, it is essential to follow a systematic strategy formulation and decisionmaking process. Export Planning provides a methodology to plan and achieve globalisation. This process of export planning consists of four phases: export policy, export audit, export plan, and export roll-out. Export Planning describes these 4 phases and provides a 10-step guide for the construction of an international marketing plan.

Export Planning w...

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4’33” Time for a Circular Economy

Hardcover || Collectief Circulaire Economie || Fontys Hogescholen

John Cage wrote 4'33" as a modern music work (1953). It is not played by performers using instruments, but tacet: instruments are not used at all. This does not mean it is a silent work. It is a creation built up of ambient sounds, of that which is present in the moment.

Silence is the invitation to explore what truth is and experience that truth is an unfolding quality within each of us. The essence is that that the supposed division between ourselves and others or our environment is recogni...