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Een overzicht van nieuwe studieboeken die relevant zijn binnen het hoger onderwijs.

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International HRM / Druk 1

2019 || Paperback || M. de Bot || Noordhoff || met inkijkexemplaar || ook als eBook

- Is an accessible guide to HRM in an international context;

- gives a complete overview of the field;

- offers immediate application of knowledge through engaging case studies.

An increasing number of organizations operate within an international context. An organization can send employees abroad, hire employees from abroad or outsource tasks to foreign companies. These international activities bring new challenges, especially when it comes to human resource management.

With International HR...

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Talk to the Elephant

Design Learning for Behavior Change

2023 || Paperback || Julie Dirksen || Pearson

What do you do when your learners know what to do but still aren't doing it? Training is created with the goal of changing learners' behaviors, but anyone who has created learning experiences knows that there's a big gap between knowing and doing. You can create an engaging learning experience that informs and helps people remember, but often those people go back to their regular world and continue to do things the same way they always have. In the last few decades, the fields of psychology, ...

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Perspective Made Easy

2023 || Paperback || Ernest R Norling || Blurb

This concise book contains all you'll ever need to know about perspective drawing. In twenty masterfully organized chapters, from simple to complex, the author explains the basics and not-so-basics of perspective drawing. He includes suggestions on how to make your drawings a lot simpler, drawing methods for observation and space division, a "Remember" section at the end of each chapter in which he summarizes the most important information and principles presented in that chapter, and a "Prob...

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Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Exper tise Used / 4th edition

2023 || Hardcover || Block || Wiley

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, prolific author and renowned consultant Peter Block delivers the latest version of his bestselling book. He offers an intuitive and insightful distillation of research and over fifty years of firsthand experience, walking you through the skills, tools, and behaviors you'll need to employ to find success in the wide world of consulting. The book is a deep and contemporary discussion of what you ...

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Blended learning design / first edition

From Theory to Practice

2023 || Paperback || Barend Last e.a. || Boom

Teaching can be done in many ways: in a group or individually, face-to face or online, synchronously or asynchronously. Each of these ways requires its own approach. When you know how to combine them in the right way, you enrich the student’s learning experience. That combination is called blended learning. Activating strategies and maximizing interaction with the help of technology are essential. But what is the best blend and how do you design it?

Blended learning design answers a number ...

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Principles of Sustainable Business

Frameworks for Corporate Action on the SDGs

2022 || Paperback || Rob van Tulder e.a. || Taylor & Francis

An accessible textbook for professionals, undergraduate, graduate and executive students in business studies and economics that are interested in effective approaches towards sustainability challenges. The first textbook to take a multidisciplinary approach to address wicked problems relating to the SDGs. Provides a guide for action research by practitioners, as well as students.

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Aspects of the United Kingdom

British History, Culture and Society for Learners of English

Paperback || Francis O'Brien || Hogeschool Rotterdam

Aspects of the United Kingdom offers students of English and EFL teachers essential information about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Readers will learn about the history and cultures of the nations of the British Isles and see how they have helped shaped the country today. There is also a focus on contemporary Britain, offering the student an understanding of hot-topic issues in the UK.

Topics covered are:

- Cultures and Identities of the nations of the United Kingdom

- Peoples of the ...