Designing a research project / Druk 2 (e-book)

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ISBN: 9789460942037
Uitgever: Boom
Verschijningsvorm: E-book via Bookshelf
Auteur: Piet Verschuren & Hein Doorewaard
Druk: 2
Taal: Nederlands
Verschijningsjaar: 2010
NUR: Statistiek en methodologie

The prime purpose of this book is teaching graduate students and doctoral candidates, as part of their training, to develop an effective research design. A second, derived objective is to assist them in designing their own qualification research. In this book, insights, guiding principles and methodologies are developed for developing a research design. No particular knowledge for studying this book is required. On the basis of many examples, the reader is gradually introduced into the creative process of designing. At the conclusion of each chapter, a stepwise plan of action is presented to be used by the reader in designing his or her own project. In addition to doctoral candidates and graduate students, doctoral thesis supervisors and tutors are included in the target group. The insights that are presented offer them the opportunity to tighten their grip on their counselling role and enable them to realise a steadier course and better research results.