Process Dynamics and Control (EMEA edition)

Levertijd: 4 dagen
ISBN: 9781119587491
Uitgever: Wiley
Verschijningsvorm: Paperback
Auteur: Dale E. Seborg e.a.
Druk: 4
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2019
NUR: Scheikunde algemeen

The new 4th edition of Seborg’s Process Dynamics and Control provides full topical coverage for process control courses in the chemical engineering curriculum, emphasizing how process control and its related fields of process modeling and optimization are essential to the development of high-value products. A principal objective of this new edition is to describe modern techniques for control processes, with an emphasis on complex systems necessary to the development, design, and operation of modern processing plants. Control process instructors can cover the basic material while also having the flexibility to include advanced topics.