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Project Management for PhD’s / Druk 2

Paperback || Jeanine de Bruin & Brigitte Hertz || Boom

Only a small percentage of PhD students manage to complete their PhD thesis on time. How can you plan the PhD program in such a way that you do finish within the set time period?

Project Management for PhDs shows you that you can plan a PhD program, no matter how complex and unique it is, as a project. The writing process receives special attention as it has been proven to be one of the most important factors in delayed PhD progress. This book offers a practical step-by-step plan. Using the a...

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Academic Writing Skills / Druk 2

Digital skills training in academic writing for psychology, pedagogy & education, and social science

Paperback || Henk Schmidt & Henk van der Molen || Boom

Academic Writing Skills breaks down the writing process into various skills which helps students with practicing and improving their writing skills.

Book and website

On the website that accompanies the book, multiple skills are discussed using rules of thumb, several short exercises and examples of the right answer.

By combining a clear explanation of the various skills and exercises with feedback, the training course is very effective.

The following topics are covered: the structure of a tex...

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Doing Research / Druk 5

the Hows and Whys of Applied Research

Paperback || Nel Verhoeven || Boom

Doing Research is a clear introduction to the methods and techniques required for research. It answers questions like what does “doing research” actually mean, how do you set up a research project, what steps do you have to take, how do you collect data and what are the pitfalls?

Doing Research sheds light on the complicated process of research. It teaches you research skills one step at a time. It discusses the theory based on four phases of applied and fundamental research: design, data...

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Psychological Report Writing / Druk 4

Paperback || Peter Starreveld || Boom

Writing academic texts is an important skill for students of psychology and educational theory, whether in the course of their studies or thereafter, when they are active practitioners.

Writing Psychology Research Reports teaches students how to comply with currently prevailing standards when writing reports of literature studies or experimental research.

About the book

Step by step it takes the reader through every aspect of writing up a literature study or composing a research report. It de...

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Industrial Production / Druk 6

The manufacture of mechanical products

Paperback || Huub Kals || Boom

Industrial Production offers a broad and thorough introduction to the multidisciplinary field of production engineering, with a focus on the production of mechanical products. The book covers design and machining processes, as well as topics such as materials behaviour, manufacturing, assembly and manufacturing machines. It also looks at quality, costs, important aspects of product and production development (including design for production) as well as technical and organisational management.


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Psychological Communication / Druk 2

Theories, Roles and Skills for Counsellors

Paperback || G. Lang & H.T. van der Molen || Boom

This book combines relevant theoretical insights and concrete communication skills necessary for effective counselling and coaching. The authors first explore the helper’s basic attitude. Secondly, they discuss views from client-centred, cognitive behavioural and social learning theories that are important for good helping.

Bridging theory and practice they describe the helper in four roles: confidant, communicative detective, teacher, and coach. The helper uses these roles within a three s...

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Accounting & Finance

a basic introduction

Paperback || Ewoud Jansen || Boom

This book is about finance and accounting, subjects widely discussed in many other books. What sets this book apart from most others is that it discusses all the basic aspects of finance and accounting in one single textbook. Three areas of interest are discussed:

• Financial Management;

• Management Accounting;

• Financial Accounting.

Typically, these three subjects are treated separately as individual topics. They are closely related, however, since they all deal with the many financial issu...