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Visual Thinking

empowering people & organizations through visual collaboration

Paperback || Willemien Brand || BIS Publishers

If your business hasn't already embraced visual thinking, why not?

Visual thinking and drawing are both becoming increasingly important in today's business settings. A picture really can tell a thousand words. Visualization is a crucial part of the journey for companies seeking to boost enterprise agility, break down silos and increase employee and customer engagement. Visualizing thought processes can help break down complex problems. It empowers teams and staff to build on one another's ide...

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Design. think. make. break. repeat.

A handbook of methods

Paperback || Martin Tomitsch e.a. || BIS Publishers

This handbook documents sixty methods used in design innovation projects leading to the design of new products or services. It is the first publication to bring together methods, tools and case studies that involve multiple design disciplines and perspectives - from product and service design to interaction and user experience design.

Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. addresses the needs of anyone interested in deploying design thinking academically or operationally inside their organisati...

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Delft Design Guide (revised edition)

Perspectives - Models - Approaches - Methods

Paperback || A. van Boeijen e.a. || BIS Publishers

Delft Design Guide provides an overview of the perspectives, models, approaches, and methods used in the bachelor's and master's curriculum of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Some of these are unique to the university, others are well known and are used by designers worldwide. Designing products and services at this faculty is considered a systematic and structured activity, deliberately and purposefully, and with moments of increased creativity.