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Export Management: A European Perspective

Paperback || Hans Veldman (Red.) || Noordhoff || met inkijkexemplaar

This new English edition of Export Management is more accessible and transparent, using the export strategy as its structuring principle. The book focuses on the integration of all aspects of the export business and the implementation of export strategies in the daily business practice.

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101 Management Models

Paperback || Marijn Mulders || Noordhoff

Management models: many students will come across them in their studies, yet it is only when actually working with them that the function and benefit of management models are revealed. Students often find it hard to select and apply management models. This textbook will assist them to do so. 101 Management Models is aimed particularly at students of economic and technical studies and social sciences in higher education.

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Export, a practical guide / Druk 2

a practical guide

Paperback || Marlies Harlaar, Michiel Oudehand & O. de Leeuw || Noordhoff

Export, a practical guide is intended for students in vocational education as well as for starting exporters—not just those in large companies. Small businesses have export opportunities as well. Companies that are already exporting goods or services can equally benefit from this textbook.

Many entrepreneurs at some point ask themselves the question: ‘Should I go into the export business?’ Or perhaps the question is, ‘I have been exporting for some time now, but have I been doing it a...