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Managing Your Business

a practical guide

Hardcover || Irenee Dondjio & Robert Haafst || Noordhoff

Managing Your Business is a comprehensive and hands-on textbook, providing a wide range of models and theories to explain the decision making process in strategic management. Unlike other works, this book covers all business units and company departments.

Why Managing Your Business?

* Elaborate, yet comprehensible;

* hands-on approach;

* comes with valuable online extra's.

Managing Your Business starts at the basics and foundations of marketing. It subsequently delves deep into internal and extern...

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Solving Managerial Problems Systematically

Paperback || Hans Heerkens & Arnold van Winden || Noordhoff

Solving Managerial Problems Systematically teaches the seven steps of General Business Problem Solving. With this system it will become clear what is the main problem and how it can be researched properly and subsequently solved. This studybook describes a problem as a analytical concept that can occur in all organizations and in any department. This methodology is therefor applicable in almost any situation.