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101 Management Models

Paperback || Marijn Mulders || Noordhoff

Management models: many students will come across them in their studies, yet it is only when actually working with them that the function and benefit of management models are revealed. Students often find it hard to select and apply management models. This textbook will assist them to do so. 101 Management Models is aimed particularly at students of economic and technical studies and social sciences in higher education.

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Business administration

Hardcover || Peter Thuis & Rienk Stuive || Noordhoff

Business Administration offers an integrated, practical approach to all key aspects of business administration and to how business processes are managed. Business Administration distinguishes itself from similar textbooks by incorporating examples from modern business practices and by its accessible writing style. It also highlights the function and relevance of business management in day-to-day business operations.

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Making a business plan / Druk 3

Paperback || Roel Grit || Noordhoff

Today's educational regime requires that a student develops entrepreneurial qualities during her studies. Making a Business Plan offers a solid and coherent step-by-step approach to writing a business plan. This book contains two kinds of assignments: activities and extra assignments. The reader is encouraged to carry out the activities in order to complete a business plan for a new company. The extra assignments help to provide a better understanding of the reality of starting a new business...

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Managing Your Business

a practical guide

Hardcover || Irenee Dondjio & Robert Haafst || Noordhoff

Managing Your Business is a comprehensive and hands-on textbook, providing a wide range of models and theories to explain the decision making process in strategic management. Unlike other works, this book covers all business units and company departments.

Why Managing Your Business?

* Elaborate, yet comprehensible;

* hands-on approach;

* comes with valuable online extra's.

Managing Your Business starts at the basics and foundations of marketing. It subsequently delves deep into internal and extern...

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Modern Hotel Operations Management

Hardcover || Tatifa Benhadda, Shane de Bruyn, Michael N. Chibili, Conrad Lashley, Saskia Penninga & Bill Rowsn || Noordhoff

The first edition of Modern Hotel Operations Management is a comprehensive and wide-ranging introduction in operational hotel management. The book merges notions from business administration, management and socially responsible entrepreneurship into a complete overview of this discipline.

Why Modern Hotel Operations Management?

* Complete and accessible standard reference work;

* connects different disciplines;

* comes with valuable online extra's.

Modern Hotel Oper...

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International HRM / Druk 1

Paperback || M. de Bot || Noordhoff

- Is an accessible guide to HRM in an international context;

- gives a complete overview of the field;

- offers immediate application of knowledge through engaging case studies.

An increasing number of organizations operate within an international context. An organization can send employees abroad, hire employees from abroad or outsource tasks to foreign companies. These international activities bring new challenges, especially when it comes to human resource management.

With International HR...

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Solving Managerial Problems Systematically

Paperback || Hans Heerkens & Arnold van Winden || Noordhoff

Solving Managerial Problems Systematically teaches the seven steps of General Business Problem Solving. With this system it will become clear what is the main problem and how it can be researched properly and subsequently solved. This studybook describes a problem as a analytical concept that can occur in all organizations and in any department. This methodology is therefor applicable in almost any situation.

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Intercultural competences

Paperback || Patrick Janssen || Noordhoff

Met basisbegrippen als waarde, rol, comfortzone, betekenis en context geeft Intercultural competences invulling aan het begrip cultuur. Het boek reikt modellen aan om cultuur als verschijnsel te kaderen. De casussen in het boek illustreren hoe cultuur wordt geuit. Met de praktijkopdrachten ontwikkelen studenten vaardigheden die de kans van succesvol opereren in andere culturen en effectief communiceren met mensen uit andere culturen, vergroten.

Het boek beslaat drie delen. In deel 1 staat d...

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Organisation & Management, An International Approach / Druk 4

Paperback || Jos Marcus & Nick van Dam || Noordhoff

Organisation and Management – An International Approach is an interactive and hands-on introduction to the field. The theory behind management and organisation is accessibly explained by renowned authors Jos Marcus and Nick van Dam using many practical examples.

This fully renewed edition has been expanded with six new chapters on digital business transformation, internationalisation, corporate social responsibility, the future of work, human resource management, and culture. In addition, t...

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Organisational behaviour / Druk 2

Hardcover || Gert Alblas & Ella Wijsman || Noordhoff

-Inspiring introduction to organisational psychology;

-covers all new developments in digitization;

-contains a lot of instructional exercises.

Organisational behaviour is an inspiring introduction to organisational psychology. Renowned authors Gert Alblas and Ella Wijsman describe the behaviour of people in organisations and provide possible explanations. Students learn how to skilfully apply this knowledge in many different situations. Organisational behaviour is the English edition of Ged...