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Dynamics in economic geography

Changing views on industrial location and regional development

Paperback || Oedzge Atzema, Ton van Rietbergen, Jan Lambooy & Sjef van Hoof

What is happening where? And why there? These are the geographer's main questions. The economic geographer mainly focuses in this connection on the location and regional distribution of producers and consumers. Locational preferences and regional development are traditionally explained on the basis of spatial cost and profit differences among countries, regions and cities. There are however also other explanations such as the role of the regional culture, the effectiveness of planological pol...

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Doing in-company research projects

a step by step approach

Paperback || Arjan de Bont || Coutinho

Many business schools include compulsory in-company research projects. Typically, these projects require that research activities converge into well-founded, practically relevant recommendations for management.

This book helps students do in-company research via a straightforward step-by-step approach. After mapping out information gaps, research questions are addressed by systematically collecting and analyzing data. The research findings help formulate practical recommendations. Each step i...