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Een overzicht met nieuwe drukken van studieboeken die relevant zijn binnen het hoger onderwijs.

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Business Model You / 2nd edition

2022 || Paperback || Tim Clark e.a. || Wiley

The all-new edition of the 4-color, global bestseller, Business Model You Many people dream of different careers or life paths, yet most lack a structured, practical way to reinvent themselves. The first edition of Business Model You pioneered a design-thinking approach to career reinvention. It used a single-page tool enabling readers to sketch a "personal business model" to reveal new, more satisfying career and life possibilities.

Published in 20 languages, the book has been used by hundre...

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Digital Marketing / 8th edition

2022 || Paperback || Dave Chaffey e.a. || Pearson

"I have used this book in all its editions since first publication with my undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is a core text for all the students, because it provides the detail they require at an academic level. Importantly it is a book for the practitioner to use too - which is why we use it on our postgraduate practitioner programmes.

We make a copy available to every student in the University. No other text comes close and literally thousands of our graduates have benefitted from...

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Operations Management / 10th edition

2022 || Paperback || Nigel Slack e.a. || Pearson

Operations may not run the world, but it makes the world run! To truly understand the way a business operates, you need to get your hands dirty -- that's how you get to appreciate what's actually happening within an organization. Looking inside for the answers is what Operations Management is all about. Learn from world-leading experts Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones and Nicola Burgess and benefit from their wealth of experience helping improve businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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Procurement and Supply Chain Management / 8th edition

2022 || Paperback || Arjan van Weele e.a. || Cengage Learning

Now in its eighth edition, this trusted Procurement and Supply Chain Management text provides a complete introduction to the important principles underlying the subject area using a flexible managerial perspective. Fully updated and restructured to reflect contemporary thinking and practice, this highly respected textbook covers the latest developments in procurement and supply chain management with clear and well-structured content. Strong case studies that are relevant and engaging compleme...

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Warehouse Management / 4th edition

The Definitive Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse

2021 || Paperback || Gwynne Richards || Kogan Page Ltd

Modern warehouses are capitalizing on cutting-edge technologies, new operating models and innovative practices to maximize their role in the wider supply chain. Understand how to successfully manage these warehouses with this bestselling guide. Warehouse Management guides the reader through all aspects of successfully managing a warehouse, its operations and distribution.

This bestselling book covers an extensive range of key topics from defining the modern warehouse, detailing management pro...

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Ondernemen met informatie / Druk 10

2022 || Paperback || Jan Snijders e.a. || Noordhoff

- Is afgestemd op beroepscompetenties, na elk hoofdstuk beheerst de student nieuwe (informatiekundige) vaardigheden;

- bevat aansprekende actuele praktijkvoorbeelden, nieuwsitems en focusartikelen;

- de digitale samenleving is door het hele boek heen gevlochten.

Ondernemen met informatie laat studenten in drie samenhangende delen kennismaken met de informatievoorziening in een onderneming. Het eerste deel van het boek bespreekt de essentie van de informatievoorziening en de bedrijfsprocessen ...

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Zelf leren schrijven voor economie en bedrijfskunde / Druk 2

2022 || Paperback || Bas Karreman e.a. || Boom

Veel studenten hebben grote moeite met het schrijven van goede, leesbare teksten. Zelf leren schrijven voor economie en bedrijfskunde is een schrijftraining die bestaat uit twee componenten: een online omgeving en dit boek dat studenten kunnen gebruiken als naslagwerk.

Schrijftraining voor studenten economie en bedrijfskunde

Het boek beschrijft de tien programma’s, ook wel schrijf-ViBE’s genoemd, waaruit deze training bestaat. De ViBE´s behandelen verschillende aspecten van het schrijve...

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Academic Writing Skills for Economics and Business Administration / Druk 2

2022 || Paperback || Bas Karreman e.a. || Boom

For many students writing an academic text can be challenging. However, with diligent practice, academic writing is a skill you can learn. The online writing course Academic Writing Skills for Economics and Business Administration offers students specific practice as to various ‘micro’ writing skills, including the structure of an academic text, the theoretical framework, data and methodology, results, as well as citing, paraphrasing and quoting, argumentation, cohesion and sentence struc...