Voyage Planning with ECDIS

Levertijd: 3 dagen
ISBN: 9789082581805
Uitgever: STC Publishing
Auteur: Becker-Heins, Ralph
Druk: 1
Pagina's: 192
Taal: Engels

A Practical Guide for Navigators:

Whether for a fresh navigator or an old hand – this book is targeted to provide a profound hands-on advice on how to best compile a suitable voyage plan fully in line with the principles of IMO Resolution A.893(21). Following a process-guided structure each chapter starts with a short re-compilation of the theoretical principals. Embattled with the reinforced knowledge the reader is challenged by a concrete example of a commercial vessel sailing down the East coast of the USA. Following a step-by-step guidance, the book offers for each task a sample solution, including the usage of modern ECDIS equipment. This guide can be used in manifold ways: whether you read it sequentially from top to bottom, or as the need arises.