A MAGAZINE curated by... A magazine curated by

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ISBN: 9789077745113
Uitgever: Idea Books B.V.
Pagina's: 200

Antwerp's 'A Magazine' has always been much more than a magazine. The key to its cultish allure lies in the subtitle: 'Curated by'. The twelfth issue belongs to Stephen Jones, fashion's favourite hatter. Says Jones, "I like a magazine that looks like a magazine. It's not a book. I didn't want it to be page after page of slightly meaningless photographs. That's why I thought illustration... that's the way designers communicate, through drawing." Included are a selection of his own ten favourite drawings, plus others by a range of architects, designers and artists: Zaha Hadid, Mark Newson, Raf Simons, Donald Urquhart, David Downton, Howard Tangye, and more.