European Union law / druk Heruitgave

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ISBN: 9789077596289
Uitgever: Boom uitgevers Den Haag

The purpose of this casebook is to provide students of European integration and all those working with European Union law in practice with a compact collection of the most important judgments in this area. The collection is equally suitable for beginners, who will focus on the "classics", such as van Gend en Loos and Costa v ENEL, and for advanced students in post-graduate programmes who will appreciate to fi nd a good overview of EC competition law and even a number of cases on antidumping and external trade law.

One hundred "leading cases" have been edited and are presented in fi fteen chapters to cover the most important areas of Community law. Each case presentation begins with a short and concise summary of the facts. Subsequently, some "questions for consideration" provide guidance for the reading of the judgments. These are followed either by excerpts from the Advocate GeneralĀ“s opinion or directly by excerpts from the judgment itself. At the end of many of the leading cases, shorter passages from judgments on related issues help in understanding the development of the CourtĀ“s case-law over time.