Michel François Plans d'évasion

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Levertijd: 48 uur
ISBN: 9789077459416
Uitgever: Idea Books B.V.
Auteur: Michel François, Guillaume Désangeges, Jean/Paul Jacquet & Nathalie Ergino
Pagina's: 360

Michel François’ importance on the contemporary art scene is now undisputed and he is more widely acknowledged by art institutions, audiences and critics alike. His elusive way of working can bend any material to his needs, turning a photograph into something profoundly sculptural. This exhibition catalogue is the most detailed to date on François’ work and is compiled by the artist himself and graphic designer Roger Willems and focuses on his sculptures, installations, photo works and posters.

Introductory essay by Philippe Van Cauteren and Nathalie Ergino. It also includes an essay by Guillaume Désanges, a biography, and a list of solo and group exhibitions. The book will serve as a standard reference for future reflections on his work.