International Commercial Law Series Cargo Insurance Policy of Antwerp 20 April 2004

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ISBN: 9789077320815
Uitgever: Uitgeverij Paris B.V.
Auteur: F. Ponet
Pagina's: 100

The Marine Insurance Policy of Antwerp of 1 July 1859 is one of the most widespread maritime insurance policies in the world. After 145 years, a need for modernisation of the language and adaptation of the text for present-day needs led to its successor, the Cargo Insurance Policy of Antwerp of 1 April 2004.

In this book, the author describes the content and exact meaning of the various provisions by means of analysis of the 150 years of case law which has been generated by the Policy of 1859 and the preparatory texts of insurers and insurance brokers for the new Policy provisions. This is the first systematic commentary on this subject.

The book is set up as a clause-by-clause commentary wherein the author systematically compares the original wording of the provisions to the construction which is given to them by case law of the ordinary courts and of arbitrators.

The present English translation will help in the uniform construction and application of the provisions of the Policy by professional international law practitioners.

Translated from Dutch by Nick Margetson, Advocate-Rotterdam.

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