Grand Stand 3 / druk 1

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ISBN: 9789077174258
Verschijningsvorm: Paperback
Auteur: Marlous van Rossum-Willems & S. Schultz
Druk: 1
Pagina's: 520
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2010
NUR: Bouwkunst, architectuur

The scenographic design of space and the creation of a stimulating atmosphere are crucial in shaping human experience. The design of trade-fair stands has become increasingly important to exhibiting organizations, and today’s designers are playing an essential role in integrating brand identity into fascinating corporate presentations.Following in the steps of Grand Stand and Grand Stand 2 , the latest publication in this series, Grand Stand 3: Design for Trade Fair Stands , brings readers up to date on current developments in the fast-paced world of stand design. The book encompasses 150 stunning projects representing a varied selection of remarkable trade-fair environments from around the world—successful designs ranging from stands occupying cozy corners to those spanning supersized spaces, all of which have grabbed the attention of visitors to major commercial events within the past three years.Covering 520 pages, the book is divided into a number of interesting categories: Architectural Products, Electronics, Fashion and Beauty, Food, Interior Products, Mobility, Retail, and Services. Each stand is presented on two to six pages, which include an in-depth description of both concept and design, project credits, detailed construction visuals, project photography, company profile, and designer contact details.Grand Stand 3 —the definitive publication on contemporary stand design worldwide—deserves a permanent place in the bookcase of every designer, builder, brand manager, and individual with an interest in the elusive environments of trade-fair stands.