Afterglow / druk 1

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ISBN: 9789077024805
Uitgever: Uitgeverij De Graaff

This book deals with a theme that has fascinated the photographer Dirk Wiersma for many years: the beauty and allure inherent in the aged and worn. With 124 pictures, divided over ten chapters and text of his own writing, Wiersma entices the reader to recognise the value and the dignity that is left in scenes and objects that have passed beyond their days of glory and purpose. He unveils the beauty that is often inherent in what is left behind and discarded, steps away from the order and trendiness of daily life; in nature, rocks, landscapes; in life and death; in ancient ruins; in abandoned factories, houses and other dwellings; in dumped cars, scrap metal and other junk. The final chapters are committed to topics that are very much akin to all this: the still life and the vanity.A Dutch version of the text of this book is available on: