Europeanisation of Public Law

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ISBN: 9789076871585
Uitgever: Europa Law Publishing
Pagina's: 418

Europeanisation of Public Law is a study about the relation between European and national public law. More particularly it examines how EU law is changing some of the fundamental aspects of the public and administrative law of its Member States.Familiar EU doctrines on 'procedural autonomy', 'direct effect', 'consistent interpretation', 'ex officio application of European law' and 'state liability' are used as a starting point for examining the effects of these doctrines in the various Member States. Consideration is also given to important questions concerning the enforcement of European law in the national legal order, the organization of the judiciary and the influence of European law on fundament principles of (public) law such as legal certainty, non-discrimination and proportionality. For these purposes, case law stemming from more than 15 different jurisdictions has been analysed to see how European law is actually applied by the various national courts.The study presents a dynamic picture of the inter-relationships between national and European law. The book has in particular been written for advanced bachelors and masters courses on the relation between national and European law. Because of the many examples of national case law, the book should be most welcome to any practitioner dealing with European law in a national context.The authors are all well-known specialists in European and national public law. Jan Jans is Professor of Public Law at the University of Groningen; Roel de Lange is Professor of Constitutional Law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam; Sacha Prechal is Professor of European Law at Utrecht University and Rob Widdershoven is Professor of European Administrative Law at Utrecht University.