Stories of Change

beyond the Arab Spring


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ISBN: 9789053308233
Auteur: World Press Photo & Petra Stienen

The "Arab Spring" is among the most thoroughly photographed

events in recent history. People in the streets using their mobile

phones to register incidents they were eyewitness to, local journalists

as well as camera crews and freelance photographers dispatched by

international media recording the developments from day to day. Our

perception of the "Arab Spring" is marked by dramatic images of key

moments during the uprisings. Demonstrators taking over Tahrir

Square in Cairo and engaging in violent clashes with the security

forces and supporters of President Mubarak; the storming of Colonel

Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, Libya, by rebels and the capture of the

leader himself weeks later. Major changes in the power relations have

taken place since then: in Egypt and Tunisia, the resignation of the

country's president, and in Libya, the fall of the leader and the first

free elections in 60 years. In other countries, protests have not led to

a revolution, but they are facing challenges from local issues and from

the effects of the global economic crisis. How well do we know the

region beyond the headlines though? What has been the impact of the

events on people's everyday lives? Many of the issues that fuelled the

uprisings remain unresolved: a high level of youth unemployment, the

rising cost of living, women's rights etc. What is really going on in the

homes and in the streets of the cities in the region? What do people

worry or dream about? Stories of Change challenges our perceptions

of the region and brings to the foreground a local perspective in

reporting. Through stories produced exclusively for this book, and

shown here for the first time, we are offered an insider view into the

lives of people in a region that rarely has left news headlines, but that

only few of us know beyond the one-dimensional headline news

images flashed on our screens.

Stories of Change celebrates authenticity in visual storytelling,

showing us North Africa through the eyes of a group of

photojournalists from the region. They are all top alumni of a series

of workshops conducted in 2012 and 2013 by World Press Photo for

photographers from five participating countries: Morocco, Algeria,

Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Stories of Change contains a visual

chronology of the most memorable

moments of the Arab Spring, compiled

from the visual reporting in the

international media of the unfolding

events at the time. The main focus lies

in the visual storytelling by the young

talent in photographic reporting,

bringing into perspective and adding

depth and nuance to the reporting

about North Africa. The book contains

over 200 images on 312 pages, and is

complemented by articles by prominent

writers in the region about the North

African societies and cultures, and with

a foreword by Arabist and former

diplomat Petra Stienen discussing

the mythology of the Arab Spring and

how accurate our perceptions about the

region are or aren't. Accompanying

Stories of Change, a collection of

multimedia stories will be launched


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