The submerged / druk 1

Niet beschikbaar

Michelle Sank's practice is concerned with the notion of encountering, collecting, and re-telling. She is interested in creating sociological landscapes, interplays of human form and location that are significant in their visual, sociological, cultural and psychological nuances. The imagery in The Submerged was produced within Mid-Wales in the hilly and coastal area around Aberystwyth, a town that exists at the end of a railway line. She was drawn towards a sense of grittiness and resolution within the geological and architectural fabric of the place, something so often mimicked in the light, colour, dramatic skies and the human performance within. An essay by Liz Wells accompanies the work.

Sank's photographs have been exhibited and published worldwide and she is the winner of several photographic awards. Her work is held in both private and permanent collections. A monograph Becoming was published in 2006 followed by The Water's Edge in 2007.