Happy Tummy

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ISBN: 9789020212228
Uitgever: AnkhHermes, Uitgeverij
Auteur: Judith Deckers-Kocken
Pagina's: 192

Dr. Judith Deckers-Kocken

Happy Tummy - Eat, breathe and love your way to feeling good and happy in yourself.

This is a book about healthy eating for children by Dr. Judith Deckers-Kocken, paediatric gastroenterologist with more than twenty years (research) experience and a big heart for children. In Happy Tummy she shares her experience that it is possible for all children and adults to feel comfortable with themselves and to feel happy as a result of eating healthy food, true awareness and love, exercise, conscious breathing and yoga. Happy Tummy contains an experienced and renowned paediatrician’s renewed view on illness and health. The book also contains simple yoga and breathing exercises, recipes, and the beautiful photographs by Anne Dokter. Happy Tummy is for children, parents, carers and anyone who works with children professionally. With tips, exercises and recipes. www.kinderbuikenco.nl

Engelse e-book (€ 14,99) - 9789020212235

Engelse boek (€ 35,00) - 9789020212228 Juli 2016

192 pagina’s

Uitgeverij AnkhHermes

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