The Basics of Financial Management Exercises / Druk 5

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ISBN: 9789001038489
Uitgever: Noordhoff
Verschijningsvorm: Paperback
Auteur: Wim Koetzier Rien Brouwers Olaf Leppink
Druk: 5
Pagina's: 243
Taal: Nederlands
Verschijningsjaar: 2024
Vervanger van: 9789001738358
NUR: Bedrijfseconomie

• Practical and varied assignments that complement the theory book The Basics of Financial Management ;

• provided with online feedback and explainer videos;

• very suitable for independent study.

This exercise book complements the theory book The Basics of Financial Management (6th edition). Thanks to the practical assignments in this book and the accompanying online material (feedback and explanation videos), students can work independently.

There is also a Dutch edition of this book .

The Basics of Financial Management has been written for the propaedeutic phase of economic higher professional education programmes.

On the additional website, students can find many extra study materials, like the answers to assignments, explanatory videos, practice exams per chapter, summaries per chapter, feedback and study advice. For lecturers the website includes assignment answers and PowerPoints.

All three authors have years of experience as lecturers in higher economic education and as authors/researchers in their workfield.