Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems

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ISBN: 9781902536477
Uitgever: Institute of Marine Engineers
Auteur: Stapersma & Woud
Druk: 1
Pagina's: 524
Taal: Engels

Published in 2002. The book is primarily intended for students at technical universities on a Bachelors course. The more advanced chapters can be used at Masters Level. Since the focus is on design, it is also relevant for professional marine engineers, as a reference text for the daily application of physical principles to practical problems. The book also offers the operational engineer some fundamental background. Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems gives an overview of the main components of the propulsion and electric power plant and their power requirements. Based on a fundamental understanding of all types of energy conversion, the present and future architecture of power plants on board ships is then presented. After an overview of the main equipment (prime movers, transmission equipment, electrical equipment and propulsors), the diesel engine, gas turbine, electric machinery, power electronics and propellers are analysed in more depth. Matching the propulsion engine to the propeller and the calculation of ship fuel consumption and exhaust emissions conclude this essential volume for marine engineering students, lecturers and practising professionals