A History of Western Society / 12th edition

Combined Volume

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ISBN: 9781319031015
Uitgever: Macmillan Learning
Verschijningsvorm: Paperback
Auteur: John P. McKay
Druk: 12
Opleiding: Geschiedenis
Pagina's: 1200
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2016
Voorgeschreven bij: Hogeschool Rotterdam
Vervanger van: 9781137378224
NUR: Geschiedenis algemeen

Praised by instructors and students alike for its readability and attention to everyday life, the twelfth edition of A History of Western Society includes many tools to engage today's students and save instructors time. This edition features a comprehensive primary source program, five chapters devoted to the lives of ordinary people that make the past real and relevant, and the best and latest scholarship throughout. With over 200 written and visual primary sources included in the document features "Evaluating the Evidence" and "Thinking like a Historian," students connect to the past through an array of evidence.

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