Chemistry, Global Edition (e-book)

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ISBN: 9781292367392
Uitgever: Pearson
Verschijningsvorm: E-book via Bookshelf
Auteur: Jill Robinson John McMurry Robert Fay
Druk: 8
Pagina's: 1200
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2021
NUR: Scheikunde algemeen

Robinson/McMurry/Fay’s Chemistry, known for a concise and united author voice, conceptual focus, extensive worked examples, and thoroughly constructed connections between organic, biological, and general chemistry, highlights the application of chemistry to students’ lives and careers. Lead author Jill Robinson strengthens the student orientation by creating more engaging, active learning opportunities for students and faculty.

With the 8th Edition, Robinson draws upon her exceptional teaching skills to provide new interactive experiences that help identify and address students’ preconceptions. Robinson complements active engagement in the text with a new media program that increases student awareness of their learning process via Mastering Chemistry and the Pearson eText, allowing instructors to choose the level of interactivity appropriate for their classroom. Interactive experiences include activities that guide students in how to actively read a science text and address common preconceptions, giving students opportunities to cultivate and practice problem-solving skills.