Business in Emerging Latin America

Levertijd: 4 dagen
ISBN: 9780415859073
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis
Auteur: Robles, Fernando e.a.
Pagina's: 280

Driven by expanding domestic markets and exports of natural resource commodities, Latin America has recently come into focus as an economic force in the international arena. Business in Emerging Latin America provides students with a comprehensive overview of the business environment of this emerging, dynamic region. The book begins at the macro level, focusing on the region's geo-political, technological, social, competitive, and economic environments.

It then moves to the micro level, devling into the mosaic of countries with distinct cultures and political economies that comprise Latin America. Capturing the dynamism of this region, Business in Emerging Latin America:Provides a thorough and nuanced understanding of the business environment Identifies major drivers of emerging market expansion within the regionAnalyzes the strategies of companies both within and outside of the regionThe book includes examples and cases from across the region, as well as chapters on entrepreneurship, leadership, HRM, sustainability, income inequality, social responsibility and transparency. An ideal resource for anyone considering a business venture in the region, the book will especially appeal to students of international business who have a particular interest in Latin America.