Materials : Engineering, Science, Processing and Design

Levertijd: 4 dagen
ISBN: 9780081023761
Uitgever: Elsevier
Verschijningsvorm: Paperback
Auteur: Michael F. e.a.
Druk: 4
Pagina's: 806
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2018
NUR: Technische wetenschappen algemeen

Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design is the essential materials engineering text and resource for students developing skills and understanding of materials properties and selection for engineering applications. Taking a unique design-led approach that is broader in scope than other texts, Materials meets the curriculum needs of a wide variety of courses in the materials and design field, including introduction to materials science and engineering, engineering materials, materials selection and processing, and behavior of materials. This new edition retains its design-led focus and strong emphasis on visual communication while expanding its coverage of the physical basis of material properties, and process selection.