Farewell Kabul

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ISBN: 9780007256945
Uitgever: Harper Collins UK
Auteur: Lamb, Christina
Pagina's: 640

The definitive book on Afghanistan, 'Not a Shot Fired' by award-winning journalist, Christina Lamb, is the gripping account of how the West's politicians forgot about this troubled region, the root of the War on Terror, when pursuing their goals in Iraq. The failure of the West in Afghanistan is unquestionably devastating and despite efforts to eliminate the Taliban from the country, their presence has continued to grow. Insurgent attacks have also increased, and the region still struggles against poverty, an unstable infrastructure and a huge number of land mines. Initially billed as the West's success story by both Bush and Blair, and a reconstruction mission that would go ahead, according to then Home Secretary John Reid, "without a shot being fired", Afghanistan remains, largely, a lawless, violent land. Most of the promises made to its people in 2001 have not been fulfilled. Award-winning journalist Christina Lamb understands Afghanistan like nobody else. Reporting on the region since the age of 21, she has fought with the mujahadeen dressed as an Afghan boy, experienced a near-fatal ambush and head-on encounter with Taliban forces and successfully established links with American, British, Afghan government, Taliban and tribal fighters. Her unparalleled access to troops and civilians on the ground, as well as to top military officials has ensured that 'Not a Shot Fired' is the definitive book on the region, exposing the realities of Afghanistan unlike anyone before. In the same vein as Robert Fisk's 'The Great War of Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East' and Bob Woodwards 'Plan of Attack', 'Not a Shot Fired' is compelling, moving and impossible to put down.