LUUPS 2016 Amsterdam


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ISBN: 4250654806787
Uitgever: Ef & Ef Media
Pagina's: 86

DISCOVER AND GET TO REALLY KNOW YOUR CITYLUUPS is an Idea and a Invitation to you to live and love your City!For that your City invites you with very special Offers. Spend exciting Days, romantic Evenings and drink away the Night in great Venues and discover the hidden Treasures of your City.Go out and Save Money! :: In this Book you find a great Selection of the most beautiful Places in AMSTERDAM. Their Hosts and Operators invite you to get to know what they offer in a most attractive Fashion:In most Cases you get everything for half the Price! Save up to 500 Euros !!!.Restaurants :: Cafes :: Bars :: Clubs :: Theatres :: Cinemas :: Museums :: Sports