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Twentieth-Century Type and Beyond

Blackwell, Lewis || Laurence King Publishing

This substantially revised edition of Lewis Blackwell’s classic study provides an up-to-date, decade-by-decade analysis of the issues that have shaped the history and development of typographic design. The book provides an informed and accessible guide to the typography of the twentieth century and the key questions that are shaping contemporary graphic practice.

Subjects include the arrival of mass production, the development of the grid, the arrival of new media forms and the role the la...

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Drawing for Interior Design

Plunkett, Drew || Laurence King Publishing

This book covers all stages of visual presentation as part of the interior design process, from the most basic initial sketches to fully developed computer-generated visualizations.

Following a brief introduction four chapters take the reader through the design process, from the basics to conception, presentation and production.

This second edition includes more practical advice on techniques, more case studies, step-by-step sequences and updated examples. With a varied and comprehensive ra...

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Read Me: Ten Lessons for Writing Great Copy

Horberry, Roger || Laurence King Publishing

If you've ever struggled to craft a powerful message that really hits the spot, you'll know it's harder than it looks. Wouldn't it be helpful to have an expert on hand to explain how the professionals really do it? Better still, how about a whole range of writers ready to pass on their trade secrets?

Well that's exactly what you'll find in the pages of this book. Think of it as a rocket-assisted launch for your writing career, structured over ten distinct lessons and illustrated with classic ...

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This Is Gauguin

Roddam, George || Laurence King Publishing

Paul Gauguin created some of the most advanced art in a brilliant generation of artists – all of whom struggled against the stifling conformity of the late 19th century's artistic mainstream.

He created paintings whose radically simplified lines and colours echoed the unschooled art of the rustic and native cultures he loved. After his famously disastrous stay with Vincent van Gogh in southern France, Gauguin escaped European civilization for the Polynesian islands. Immersing himself in th...

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Sewing for Fashion Designers

Fischer, Anette || Laurence King Publishing

This comprehensive guide explores the fundamental sewing methods fashion designers need and teaches professional garment construction.

Chapter One introduces sewing tools and machinery (including industrial machines). It discusses how to work with patterns and explains cutting-out methods. Chapter Two is devoted to different fabrics and how they work, focusing on the construction of a garment, including fastenings and trimmings, and the use of materials to support structured pieces, such as ...

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The Modern Magazine

Paperback / softback || Leslie, Jeremy || Laurence King Publishing

The last ten years of magazine publishing have been a period of rapid innovation, providing a vital record of the era’s diverse visual trends. The Modern Magazine features the best editorial design, looking in particular at how magazines have adapted to respond to digital media.

Encompassing mainstream and independent publishing, and graphic and editorial design, The Modern Magazine explores the issues now facing the industry, examining changes to the basic discipline of combining text and ...

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Cut Out & Keep

Paperback / softback || Morley, Cat & Waddington, Tom || Laurence King Publishing

Join us on a road trip with a difference. Intrepid crafters Cat Morley and Tom Waddington set off around the United States using recommendations and tips from visitors to their popular website Cut Out + Keep. Inspired by the distinctive history and culture Cat and Tom found in each state, they created a step-by-step project for every one. The states are brought to life with the authors’ recommendations of cool places to visit, plus plenty of colour photographs. The projects cover the full r...

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met 5% korting 28,50

The Sustainable Design Book

Proctor, Rebecca || Laurence King Publishing

The Sustainable Design Book updates the reader on the latest products and developments in the field of green design and features 265 of the most exciting new products around. Q&As with leading designers give insight into trends and key techniques used within the industry, while handy icons highlight each product's sustainability credentials at a glance.

Beginning with a chapter on sustainable materials, the book goes on to cover furniture, lighting, home accessories and personal accessories....

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Smart Textiles for Designers

Pailes-friedman, Rebeccah || Laurence King Publishing

We are on the cusp of a revolution, where the intersection of technology, the human body and everyday objects will become completely seamless. Smart textiles are a key part of this revolution.

Smart Textiles for Designers introduces the different qualities and properties that can be embedded in, integrated with, and applied to fabrics and looks at the different contexts in which these smart textiles can be used, from healthcare to haute couture, firefighting to sportswear. A survey of specif...

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Enchanted Forest Notecards

Postcard book or pack || Batsford, Johanna || Laurence King Publishing

Following on from the success of the bestselling colouring books Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, this set of notecards enables you to share some inky magic and will suit a variety of occasions.

There are 12 notecards with 12 different designs for you or the lucky recipient to colour in. Each card is left blank inside for your message, and comes with an illustrated envelope.