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Collaborative Leadership: Six Influences That Matter Most

Paperback || Peter M. DeWitt || SAGE Publications

What type of leadership do you practice?

Many of us rely on transformational and instructional leadership. But there are advantages in applying a holistic angle including all stakeholders-an approach known as collaborative leadership. Peter DeWitt unpacks six factors framed through John Hattie's research while painting a powerful scheme: meet stakeholders where they are, motivate stakeholders to strive for improvement, model how to do it. The blueprint will inspire you to:

-Transform your le...

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Managing and Organizations

An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Paperback || Clegg e.a. || SAGE Publications

A realist's guide to management, the authors capture the complex life of organizations, providing not only an account of theories, but also an introduction to their practice with examples from everyday life and culture discussing the key themes and debates along the way. Used by nearly 50,000 students and tutors worldwide, Managing and Organizations has been praised for its breadth, innovative content and application to real life. Along with its full coverage of all the essential topics of or...

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Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Paperback || Joep P. Cornelissen || SAGE Publications

The 6th edition of Corporate Communication continues to be the market leading text in its field, having been fully revised by the author to reflect new trends and developments in social media and to capture emergent topics such as CEO activism and corporate character and purpose.

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Consumer Behavior and Culture

Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising

Paperback || Marieke de Mooij || SAGE Publications

Marieke de Mooij's new edition of Consumer Behavior and Culture continues to explore how cultural influences can affect consumer behavior. The author uses her own model of consumer behavior to try and answer the fundamental questions about consumption - what people buy, why they buy it and how they buy. This edition has been updated to include:An insight into the different roles of the internet and the growing influence of social mediaAn exploration of the various psychological and sociologic...

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Managing Across Cultures

Paperback || Mohamed Branine || SAGE Publications

Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors hereManaging across Cultures introduces the concepts, policies and practices of managing resources in different socioeconomic, political and cultural contexts. It is structured on a country-by-country basis to allow a closer and more rigorous examination of the factors that influence labour market trends, organization and employment policies and practices in specific countries. The book:- includes dedicated chapters on emerging economies in...