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Effective Strategies for Academic Writing

Essay | Paper | Thesis | Journal | Article | Bachelor | Master | Phd

Paperback || Joy de Jong || Coutinho

Writing a proper scientific text is not an easy job. Academic reality is complex, and text requirements differ per discipline and per writing task. Then there is your research, the basis for your text, which also demands attention.

Effective Strategies for Academic Writing shines a spotlight on the mechanisms of academic thinking, academic writing, and academic texts. It helps academic writers successfully complete their writing tasks. The author discusses strategies for small writing assignm...

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Academic Writing in English / Druk 3

A Process-Based Approach

Paperback || Janene van Loon e.a. || Coutinho

For second-language writers, academic writing in English can be very challenging. Non-native English students can apply structural, linguistic and stylistic skills and strategies, to help them produce English academic texts. This book aims to increase learners' awareness and understanding of these skills and strategies, resulting in a more mature text and a more mature writer.

Academic Writing in Englishtakes a process-based approach. Students are guided through the academic writing process, ...