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The colregs guide + Plastic Sheet + Brochure / druk 6

Hardcover || Klaas van Dokkum || Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV

The “Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea”, in short, the “Traffic at sea” should by any user of the sea to be used.

The rules themselves and certainly the interpretation must be uniform for all of them, regardless of one’s education and whether it is on a surfboard or a supertanker.

By using this book of photographs and computer graphics the meaning of navigation lights for different types of ships is very quickly apparent.

Rapidly one can make himself any fallback rules ow...

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Shipknowledge / Druk 9

Hardcover || Klaas van Dokkum || Dokmar Maritime Publishers BV

In the book Ship Knowledge you can find everything you want to know about ships and shipping. The book discusses in detail all components and systems that make up a modern ship, from design drawings to the finished products, including paint systems and legal requirements.