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Marketing Communication Strategy

Hardcover || Ko J.M.G. Floor e.a. || Noordhoff

This textbook is designed primarily for students taking introductory courses in marketing and communications as part of their Bachelor or Master degree programmes. However, it can also be greatly advantageous to marketing communications programmes, as well as galvanize the daily activities of marketing and communications managers on the job.

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Corporate communication worldwide / Druk 2

Paperback || Mariet Herle & Carin Rustema || Noordhoff

Corporate Communication Worldwide covers a wide range of corporate communication aspects and prepares those who aim to be active in the communication field in an international context. In today’s world, the meaning of worldwide is truly dynamic and this book reflects such new reality.

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Cross cultural communication

Paperback || Anka Jacobs || Noordhoff

Cross cultural communication is a hands-on book which is fun to read, practical, and challenging.

Our desire to connect with other human beings is universal, yet breaking through cross-cultural communication barriers can be challenging. By reading this book students will learn to recognize that the cause of international miscommunication often finds its roots, not in disrespect, but in different cultural conditioning.