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Een overzicht met nieuwe drukken van studieboeken die relevant zijn binnen het hoger onderwijs.

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Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations / 4th editoin

An Introduction

2023 || Paperback || Montgomery Van Wart e.a. || Taylor & Francis

Offers a comprehensive review of leadership theories in the field, from the classic to the cutting-edge, and how they relate specifically to the public sector and nonprofit contexts. Covers the major competency clusters in detail, portrayed in a leadership action cycle that aids readers in visually connecting theory and practice. Integrates expanded coverage of nonprofit leadership throughout the chapters, including in-depth discussions about managing volunteers, fundraising ethics, the nonpr...

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De bestuurlijke kaart van de Europese Unie / Druk 6

Instellingen, besluitvorming en beleid

2023 || Paperback || Anna van der Vleuten || Coutinho

De afgelopen jaren is de relevantie van de Europese Unie enorm toegenomen door grensoverschrijdende problemen als de COVID-19-epidemie, de energiecrisis, klimaatverandering en migratie. Bovendien woedt een oorlog op het continent, die een EU-breed antwoord vereist. Des te belangrijker is het om te begrijpen hoe de EU werkt. De bestuurlijke kaart van de Europese Unie heeft tot doel de kennis over en het inzicht in de Europese politiek te vergroten. Wie het leest, leert niet alleen wie waarover...

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Introduction to Politics / 5th Revised Edition

2023 || Paperback || Robert Garner e.a. || Oxford University Press

Combining theory, comparative politics, and international relations Introduction to Politics, provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject for first year undergraduate students. As the only introductory text to cover both comparative politics and international relations, it is the most authoritative and global introductory politics textbook on the market. Written by three experts in the field, this book takes a balanced approach to the subject, serving as a strong foundation for furth...

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An Introduction to Political Philosophy / 4th edition

2022 || Paperback || Jonathan Wolff || Oxford University Press

Who should hold political power?Are there any justified limits to people's liberty?What is democracy? Is it really that attractive? An Introduction to Political Philosophy is the beginner's ideal introduction to the field, combining clarity and a conversational style with a thought-provoking account of the central questions in political philosophy. Wolff explores a series of enduring and timeless questions, spanning centuries and millennia to consider a diverse range of thinkers and their res...

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The Globalization of World Politics / 9th edition

An Introduction to International Relations

2022 || Paperback || John Baylis e.a. || Oxford University Press

The Globalization of World Politics is the bestselling introduction to international relations, and offers the most complete coverage of the key theories and global issues in world politics. The ninth edition has been thoroughly updated to explore the most pressing topics and challenges that dominate international relations today, including a brand-new chapter on global health, which explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tailored pedagogical features help students to consider key inte...