Wild Will

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ISBN: 9789051799316
Uitgever: Gopher
Pagina's: 250
NUR: Literaire essays

Wild Will comprises a selection of many of the outstanding essays of Michael Srigley, an English writer and poet who explores a vast array of philosophical and esoteric ideas, and of literature and art. With penetrating analyses and deep psychological insight, he draws us into different ways of looking at the world and its meaning with new wonder and understanding. In a lucid and captivating style, Srigley invites us to deepen our insights into certain aspects of psychology, psychiatry, history, the sciences and hermeticism, and inspires us to reinvestigate such diverse writers as William Shakespeare, Alexander Pope, Alice Bailey, T. S Eliot, and many others."It is well possible that the ability to feel wonder in the presence of any manifested form - a sunset, a human face, a piece of music, a painting, a building, a wild animal - will provide the basis for a future form of education. Such an education would, stage by stage, draw forth the innate faculty of understanding and so bring science and beauty into a new alliance". From: The Law of Correspondences (3).