European Union Law / Documents / druk 2

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ISBN: 9789077596074
Uitgever: Boom uitgevers Den Haag

This is the second edition of the well-received documents collection on European Union law, first published in 1999. The purpose of this volume is to provide a compact collection of the most important primary and secondary sources of EU law, a quick reference guide, and a desk-copy for rapid and frequent consultation. This collection differs from other EU document collections as (i) it includes many documents relating to the institutions of the EU and their decision-making process, such as Rules of Procedure of Parliament, Council, Commission and both Courts of the EU; (ii) all regulations and directives are reproduced with their preambles and (iii) all documents are printed with article headlines - most of which have been added by the editor. This collection is volume 1 of a three-volume set on European Union law. Volume 2 covers EU case law and volume 3 is a text book on EU law.