The Global and the Local


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ISBN: 9789051796124
Uitgever: NHTV
Auteur: Vincent C.J.M. Platenkamp
Pagina's: 57

NHTV Expertise Series No. 3Thinking inclusively about cultures in Breda and the rest of the worldIn this Associate Professorship speech, the guiding principles and plans will be explained about the Associate Professorship Cross-Cultural Understanding at NHTV International Higher Education Breda. The Associate Professorship resists every form of simplism in the complex arena of cross-cultural contacts in a globalized world economy. We do not want any variables or dimensions for pinning down entire cultures, but pay explicit attention to the multifaceted cultural contexts, such as occur in the Heuvel district (Breda, the Netherlands), on Bali, in Vietnam or in Madrid. How can the information which is often silent and hidden be ferreted out of contexts? The subsequent task will be placing this new information on the agenda of the debates amongst academics and experts in the profession.