Never get old 1


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ISBN: 9789051791860
Uitgever: Gopher B.V.
Auteur: Wim Hendrikse
Pagina's: 450

David Bowie conquered glam rock. His concert performances had a very huge cultural impact in the seventies. He is a spellbinding personality in rock music. All the facts about his career are now assembled in one book. This book is the most complete and best researched book about multimedia performer and glam rock sex symbol David Bowie so far.

In Part 1 a very detailed chronology, biography and collectors guide up to 1989.

Name anything about Bowie's musical career and it's mentioned in the book.

This book is the result of a lifetime's interest in David Bowie's work. It's a work of love.

"This book is a great ode to a man who deserves an own encyclopaedia."

Jean-Paul Heck, music journalist for music magazine Aloha and newspaper De Telegraaf and winner of the Jip Golsteijn prize 2004.

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