Better at business English (e-book)

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ISBN: 9789039528310
Uitgever: Academic service
Verschijningsvorm: E-book via Bookshelf
Auteur: Andy Baxter & Astrid Baxter
Druk: 1
Pagina's: 91
Taal: Engels
Verschijningsjaar: 2015
NUR: Taal Hoger Onderwijs

Better at business English is designed to help you express yourself effectively in today’s business environment, in both spoken and written English. Step by step, you will learn the right words and sentences to use in a wide variety of business situations. All the most important topics are covered, such as emails and letters, applying for a job, making and receiving telephone calls, making presentations, chairing and taking part in meetings, as well as conducting negotiations and writing reports.

Correct business English

The Better in… / Better at… series is unique in its highly accessible approach, with a minimum of theory and a maximum of directly usable guidelines and examples. All examples are clearly and systematically presented in easy-tonavigate tables. This book has been written directly in English by a native

speaker and a near-native speaker, both of whom have extensive experience in

higher education and the business world. This means you can be sure that you are learning ‘the real thing’.


Each chapter ends with a clear, point-for-point summary and exercises.

More exercises can be found on the portal.

A really practical tool

Better at business English is written for students in the Netherlands in

professional higher education (HBO). Thanks to its clear, compact layout, it is

ideally suited for both classroom use and independent study. The combination of

book and online portal make this product a really practical tool, based on the needs and wishes of teachers and students.

Andy and Astrid Baxter are the owners of Baxter Communications, based in Hilversum. The company provides language and consultancy services to many of the Netherlands’ major multinationals, most of whom have adopted English as their corporate language. Andy and Astrid also wrote the widely praised Handboek Zakelijk Engels, which has been used for many years in Dutch higher education and business.

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