The philosophy of an original mind / druk 1

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ISBN: 9789077228425
Verschijningsvorm: Hardback
Auteur: A. Heyboer
Druk: 1
Pagina's: 184
Taal: Nederlands
Verschijningsjaar: 2006
NUR: Beeldende kunst

Anton Heyboer The philosophy of an original mindThis book is not so much about Anton Heyboer (1924-2005), the famous Dutch artist known for his eccentric way of life, but is more a collection of statements and stories by Anton Heyboer himself. These stories have, over the years, been recorded on tape by one of his five wives, Lotti.This special edition by Samsara books and Leslie Sacke Editions also contains many previously unknown photographs of Heyboer and his work from the archives of his wives. This book, with early etchings, paintings, drawings, sculptures and collages, gives an overview of the life, work and mind of this great Dutch artist.